Don’t blame Maven

I found many blame Maven for many things that are not right, they just have not found the way to solve them.

Here it goes some of them:

  • The learning curve is as steep as it can get, the documentation is rudimentary and limited and public domain is not much help either

    Almost all questions in the user list are answered, Maven has a growing community with lots of users. And once you are used to a Maven project you are used to all Maven projects all over the world.
  • Limited Utilities to Integrate with existing IDEs like WSAD (eclipse 2.1 platform based)
    – mevenide is improving with time, anyway I don’t really need to use it, I prefer doing by hand.
  • Tedious process of creating XDoc files
    – Use html2xdoc plugin
  • Dependency management is a pain
    – Dependency management is one of the best things of Maven. You can’t blame maven because your alternatives are: doing it by hand writing lots of xml lines!
  • Limited Integration facilities with SCM tools like Sub-Version, Serena etc.

    – It’s already done for next versions

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