Old news from ONess

23 Jul 2004 – New releases

17 Jul 2004 – New user modules: oness-user-model and oness-user-webapp

User modules to manage autentication and authorization issues.

09 Jul 2004 – Live Demo running

The live demo is running.

09 Jul 2004 – Version 0.1 Released

Available from the Sourceforge downloads page.

15 Jun 2004 – Automatic building every day (nightly snapshots)

Every day the site is regenerated with the latest stuff from CVS.

The latest source code is also built from scratch and the builds are available in the download section.

13 Jun 2004 – Auditing framework ready

The auditing framework created allows DAO objects to transparently manage data auditing information, providing support to undo operations.

10 May 2004 – Commited the sources to Sourceforge CVS

The sources are now in the Sourceforge CVS server.

19 Apr 2004 – Now featuring Hibernate + Spring model layer

The model architecture has moved from EJB to Hibernate + Spring.

7 Apr 2004 – ONess Web page is up

The oness web page at sourceforge http://oness.sourceforge.net is up.

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