6 thoughts on “Maven 1.0.1 on the way

  1. Hi, i have a open source program that causes maven 1380 error. I am in quite a rush to get the open source program working, in a week’s time from now. I don’t think 1.0.1 can be released in such a short time.

    The comment given by someone at JIRA says that i can build the pre-1.0.1 from CVS.
    Link: http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/MAVEN-1380

    Do anyone of you guys know how to download and build the pre-1.0.1 version of maven from CVS?

    Any help is appreciated. Please send to fengmins@.NOSPAM.yahoo.com (remove the ‘.NOSPAM’ & change the ‘-AT-‘ & ‘-DOT-‘)

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