Multiple Message Resources in Struts

I’ve find a good example about using multiple message resources in Struts as if they were only one, this means that you don’t need to specify the bundle in each tag.

For those people out there that use JSTL+Struts, as I do, you know that message resources must be configurated in Struts config file besides JSTL config because Struts Validator needs it.

I’ve tidied up the code for using it in ONess, you can get it in the oness-common-webapp-controller (check ActionServlet and CustomMessageResources in the sources) and the configuration in oness-common-webapp-view, you need to change the action servlet in web.xml to use the customized one and in struts-config.xml specify the message resources separated by commas.

Now I need something similar to be used in JSTL, I think that Spring has some support for that.

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