Back from JavaHispano

After many busy days I’m able to post this entry.

Two weeks ago I spent two great days at JavaHispano 2004 (Madrid), where I talked about Acegi Security System for Spring.

There I met many nice guys,

Miguel Valdes-Faura

(ObjectWeb), Alexandre Vasseur (AspectWerkz), Santiago Gala (Apache), Hugo Pinto,

Jess Perez (Agile-Spain), and people from the JavaHispano JUG as

Abraham Otero.

was very interesting talks. What I liked most were “Taming the Tiger”
by Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter, and Annotation driven AOP by Alexandre
Vasseur. Other interesting ones were from Sun evangelist Angela Caicedo
about JSF, Miguel Valdes about Middleware and the round table about
Java future, with Reggie Hutcherson, another Sun evangelist.

My presentation was about Acegi Security System for Spring and the
features it provides. I used ONess as example of using it in an
enterprise class application. I didn’t expect too much interest from
the public as it’s a very specific thing, but there were questions, and
nobody fell asleep! 😉

I also talked a lot about Maven and saw that everyone is planning to check it for next projects.

It’s worth to say that the conferences were free, and the room was
always under 200 people, wich made it very familiar and a good place to
meet interesting people working in Java. There’s a fact: the more it
costs the more it’s estimated by people.

What are the ideas I got after these two days: AspectWerkz rocks,
JOnAS (the first open source application server, don’t believe JBoss!),
Java 5 and JSF worth trying. And of course Spring Framework community
is growing faster and faster 😉

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