Inheriting annotations from implemented interfaces

In relation to Rick Hightower entry on annotations and inheritance I also checked if annotations on implemented interfaces are accesible
from the class implementing them. The answer is NO, neither using the
@Inherited annotation on the annotation class. The only way is getting
the implemented interfaces and iterate over them to see if they have

public class AnnotationTest extends TestCase {

    @Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) // This makes the annotation available at runtime
    public static @interface Developer {
        String name();

        String email() default “”;

        int rank() default 1;

    // Using the annotation to decorate a class and a method
    @Developer(name = “RickHightower”)
    interface MyInterface {
        @Developer(name = “ScottFauerbach”, email = “”)
        void myMethod();

    class MyClassSub implements MyInterface {
        public void myMethod() {
            // …

    // Testing the annotation
    public void testAnnotation() throws Exception {
        assertFalse (MyClassSub.class.isAnnotationPresent(Developer.class));
        Method method2 = MyClassSub.class.getMethod(“myMethod”, (Class[]) null);
        assertFalse (method2.isAnnotationPresent(Developer.class));
        Class[] interfaces = MyClassSub.class.getInterfaces();
        boolean annotationPresent = false;
        for (Class iClass : interfaces) {
            if (iClass.isAnnotationPresent(Developer.class)) {
annotationPresent = true;

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