Ruby support on Maven 2

Eric Redmond has developed the Ruby support for developing Maven 2 mojos.

It’s great to see how in few weeks since 2.0 was released a lot of contributions have been made for all kind of tools. For instance there’s already support for C, C++ and C#. Do you want to contribute some COBOL support? 😉

2 thoughts on “Ruby support on Maven 2

  1. Great! We have all this support for other languages and we can’t even run unit tests in maven2. Surefire is so broken that I gave up on maven2. The maven team needs a lesson in release engineering because i am baffled how at 2.0.1 the product is so buggy. Mind you that they were aware that surefire is not even alpha quality when they released maven 2.0.

  2. Maven != Maven plugins
    When maven was released not all the plugins where fully functional, that way people can try maven and the plugins, that will lead to their release. It’s a chicken and egg problem.

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