Maven 2.0.4 released, new features on the side

I know I don’t blog too much lately, I try to keep my social life away from the computer, but maybe too much ;).

Maven 2.0.4 was released, not too long after some regressions were found in 2.0.3. A lot of bugfixes were already included in 2.0.3. All the bugs I found most annoying are already fixed.

Fresh news for today are the inclusion of  in the sandbox of two libraries that will allow you to use remote repositories based in webdav and a several Source Control management systems, both to get your dependencies, deploy them or deploy your site.

Let’s make some samples,

  • do you want to deploy your jars to a repository in a webdav server instead of ssh based? you can
  • do you want to deploy your site using webdav, for instance to a running tomcat server? you can
  • do you want to store your private remote repository in Subversion, CVS, Perforce, and more? you can
  • do you want to deploy your site to (which involves checking into a CVS folder)? you can

This is accomplished using two implementations of Wagon, wagon-webdav, which uses Jakarta slide under the covers, and wagon-scm, which uses Maven-SCM. Wagon is the layer that Maven uses to access remote serves, both artifact repositories and site deployment. It can be used outside of Maven and it’s a good alternative to commons-vfs, the one I talked about some time ago.

Of course this is still in the sandbox for a reason, and as it matures we’ll move it out from there, just a matter of user testing and improving documentation.

And last but not least important I’m gonna announce in a few days something that the Maven users where waiting for a long time. If you were at The Server Side Symposium in Vegas and stopped by the Mergere booth you already know, for the rest, you’ll have to wait a bit, or maybe just be good using search engines 😉

3 thoughts on “Maven 2.0.4 released, new features on the side

  1. I need to set up a remote maven repository in Subversion (using http (Apache)). Could you give an example of how to do it?.
    Thank you very much in advance.

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