Sun jars available in Maven repo

Kohsuke has uploaded Activation 1.1 and JavaMail 1.4 to the Maven 1 repository in

I uploaded them to the Maven 2 repo at iBiblio, improving the poms: activation and javamail, if you want to use them you can add one of the following dependencies to your pom. You only need one because javamail depends on activation and brings it in.


Make sure your project uses these versions so your users don’t need to download the jars from Sun.

3 thoughts on “Sun jars available in Maven repo

  1. [Trackback] Great news for maven users. Finally! Jars (licensed under the CDDL) start entering the maven repositories. No more manual upload to your local/company repository. According to Koshuke, more may be announced before JavaOne.

  2. How about rsyncing kohsuke’s repository up to the ibiblio one?

    No idea if he’d be amenable, or if would be willing to support it, but thought I’d suggest it.

  3. The problem with that repo is that it’s pretty messy right now. We’ll probably copy stuff on demand making sure everything is right, with the right maven conventions, poms,…

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