See you at JavaOne

I’ll be at JavaOne next week in San Francisco, starting Monday at Redmonk Unconference, and through the week around the DevZuz booth or in any of the parties.

I may blog if I have the time, but it’s pretty likely that the preferred communication method this time it’s going to be twitter, with all these crazy people using it, how sad is that? But not at the bar, that’s for sure, there the only option will be face to face.

3 thoughts on “See you at JavaOne

  1. Hace un tiempo inicie un blog (sin ninguna pretensi—n) para dar respuestas sobre apache a toda la gente que me preguntaba.

    No se si estar’as interesado en colaborar…tu relaci—n con la ASF es bastante…interesante đŸ˜‰


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