Introducing Q4E, a new Eclipse plugin for Maven

I’d like to introduce the Q for Eclipse (Q4E) project, an Eclipse plugin for Maven.


  • running Maven goals from the IDE
  • dependency managing using the Maven POM, with automatic download of dependencies
  • dependency graphing
  • direct import of Maven 2 projects
  • wizard for creation of new projects using the archetype mechanism
  • modular approach to improve reusability by other Eclipse projects

… and more to come


What can this Eclipse plugin do?

It will allow you to run
Maven goals from the Eclipse IDE, create new Maven projects using
archetypes, import Maven projects without any intermediate steps, view
the dependencies of your project in a graph,… we will keep adding
features with the time

How do I install it?

Refer to Installation

What are the differences between this plugin and m2eclipse (aka Tycho)?

The objective of this plugin is to be part of the Eclipse Foundation, for that reason the license is EPL and we are going to follow the foundation procedures. Thanks to the sponsorship of DevZuz, an Eclipse Strategic Developer Member we are in a good position to achieve this goal.

the objective, there are technical differences. While m2eclipse shows
Maven output in a console, Q is based in events and will show them in
an organized way that allows filtering by severity, search,…
Functionality like the dependency graph, direct import of projects or
creation of new projects using the archetype mechanism are only present
in Q.

Why the name Q?

Q, named after the special agent Q in the James Bond books and movies. No double meaning or anything like that, we are just James Bond fans 😉


The project is licensed under the EPL and collaborations are welcome, please join the user mailing list to be informed of updates, or the developers list if you want to help with the development or extend the plugin.

You can also take a look at the list of known issues.

7 thoughts on “Introducing Q4E, a new Eclipse plugin for Maven

  1. Congratulations for this wonderfull initiative ! Let’s hope it finds its way through the Eclipse Submission process and adds full Maven support to Eclipse 🙂

    Kind regards,


  2. Q4E is for Maven users that use Eclipse too. It builds anything that Maven builds, it will build Eclipse plugins if they are built with Maven (not likely)

    Buckminster is for Eclipse users that want to consume Maven artifacts among other things.

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