DevZuz CodeAtlas now live

I’m really proud to announce that one of the projects I’ve been working on for the last weeks has finally gone live. DevZuz CodeAtlas will enable you to search for open source components and see their information, relationships, comments, ratings,…

We are launching a private beta for now trying to gather feedback, improve the usability,… I have some invitations to give away for the readers of this weblog, just leave a comment if you are interested.

I’m really convinced that it’s going to be useful for all those developers that are using actively open source and need to be aware of the latest releases or find specific libraries. Enjoy.

9 thoughts on “DevZuz CodeAtlas now live

  1. Hola Carlos,
    I would like to try it out too.
    I’m very interested in how to track projects to keep my projects up-to-date.


  2. Sounds great !
    I use quite the same feature from sourceforge which alerts me on each new releases of my favorite programs, but only if they are hosted on sourceforge of course. I’d be glad to test this new application !

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