So you want Maven integration in Eclipse?

You are lucky, the Eclipse integration for Apache Maven (Eclipse IAM) proposal has been approved, and is the first step to have a project at the Eclipse Foundation.

The proposal is based on the work done at Q4E and we hope that by taking it into the next level at the Eclipse Foundation more people will be interested and will collaborate to make it completely successful and hopefully part of the Eclipse IDE distribution.

Please join us at the newsgroup at (web interface) for suggestions, discussions and information on the project.

8 thoughts on “So you want Maven integration in Eclipse?

  1. That’s a great news, I’ve been struggling to integrate Maven and Eclipse for almost three years now and can only warmly welcome this announcement.

    This integration will ease Maven adoption, hopefully making it easier to use for the mainstream.

    Congrats and best regards,

    Cˇdric Vidal

  2. Have you contacted m2eclipse’s authors recently, to see if they’re interested in merging efforts under the EPL? There’s been a lot of work there to integrate with WTP, it would be nice to avoid duplicate work.

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