Q for Eclipse 0.5.0 released

A new release of Q4E is out, 0.5.0. Thanks to all the people involved for making such a quick turn around and keep a constant release cycle.

Besides many bug fixes and small improvements, the main changes are:

  • Ability to import pom projects
  • Maven execution can now be canceled.
  • New dependency analysis view! It is now possible to
    display the project dependencies and analyze them to assess where the
    actual dependencies and versions come from.
  • Improved handling of resources:
    • If filtering is configured for resources, it is honored.
    • Inclusion/Exclusion patterns for resources are honored. Now
      it is possible to share a folder for java sources and resources.
    • Note that resources are no longer added to the build path as source folders.
  • The dependency graph is no longer a pop up window. It has its own Eclipse view.
  • Allow maven goals to use artifacts in the workspace when launched
    from q4e, even if they are not installed on the repository

An example of the new Dependency analysis view

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