Q4E has WTP support, from today!

Abel has been rushing to get WTP support working just in time for my talk at EclipseCON. Nice job!

Check the screencast. You will need the development verson of Q4E 0.6.0 until it is released (using the update site at http://q4e.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/updatesite-dev/)

The talk went well, not much to do it 10 min though. Will be posting the slides soon.

3 thoughts on “Q4E has WTP support, from today!

  1. As I explained to Brett some minutes ago, WTP support was one of the reasons why I joined q4e… so it was something that I just wanted to get out of the way (not that it is over, yet).

    Having it on time for EclipseCON was just a nice coincidence.

  2. Congrats guys. I haven’t tried this WTP integration myself yet but I’m sure it’s worth looking even now.

    What stops me from looking at this feature? The old and well-known problem of q4e persisting through all new releases: q4e fails to handle really big, multi-module projects. For me it’s still _unacceptable_ if import of Apache Cocoon takes around 15 minutes and the same for complete rebuild. It’s still unacceptable that q4e block my whole IDE and does some mysterious tasks that I fail to understand.

    I have already planned another session with profiler so I can bring you concrete data to consume. Anyway, I think it’s high time for q4e to take care of users that have bigger projects and still would love to use q4e which is a very promising project…

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