Pictures from EclipseCON

For those considering goign to next EclipseCON, this is the kind of people you’ll find there 😉

EclipseCON 2008

EclipseCON 2008

EclipseCON 2008

would you buy anything from this guy?

EclipseCON 2008

McLovin from SuperBad (or not)

EclipseCON 2008

Fertilizacion cruzada

EclipseCON 2008

Love is in the air

EclipseCON 2008

Everybody wants a picture with Lynn

EclipseCON 2008

Spanish table

3 thoughts on “Pictures from EclipseCON

  1. I just wanted to make it clear that Lynn and I have not had intimate relations. She’s merely expressing her gratitude for committing to doing a modeling webinar.

  2. But Ed, don’t deny that love WAS in the air. Biding my time Ed, biding my time.

    Is it me or does Brian Bauman look like the guilty one in this photo series? Too many thumbs up’s makes me leery that trouble makin’ was afoot.

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