Conference season starting: ApacheCON Europe and EclipseCON

The conference season is starting, ApacheCON EU will be held 23-27 March in Amsterdam, and EclipseCON on the same dates in Santa Clara, California.

I got talks accepted in both, and had to choose between Santa Clara and Amsterdam… and yes, I’m going to Amsterdam :D, but no worries, I was able to convince another of the Eclipse IAM committers, Mike Poindexter, to give my talk at EclipseCON.

There are other Maven related talks at ApacheCON, and we’ll probably have a JUG.


Enterprise build and test in the cloud Friday 27th

Eclipse IAM, Maven integration for Eclipse, Thursday 26th

Apache Continuum – Build, Test, and Release, Friday 27th by Wendy Smoak

Managing Your Repositories With Archiva, Friday 27th by Maria Odea Ching


Eclipse IAM, Maven integration for Eclipse, Thursday 26th, by Mike Poindexter

If you are going there, say hi! It’s a great opportunity to meet the people behind that open source stuff that you use everyday 😉

One thought on “Conference season starting: ApacheCON Europe and EclipseCON

  1. Hi Carlos,

    I’m with Atlassian and we just released version 2.2 of Bamboo, our continuous integration server, which introduces the ability to run build agents on Amazon EC2. We call this Elastic Bamboo. We use a combination of an on-prem build server with remote elastic agents in the cloud.

    Check out the video here:

    Plus, here is how we customize images in the cloud:

    I am really curious to hear your talk this week at ApacheCon, but I drew the short straw and got to go to Santa Clara this week.

    Drop me a note if you have some time to chat.


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