Maven 3.0 released!

Maven 3.0 is finally out after a long long time in progress!

What’s new?

Behind the scenes a LOT has changed, but for a Maven user or plugin developer you shouldn’t see many differences. Particularly, backwards compatibility was a must for this release.

New features include:

  • Better POM validation and warning/error messages. Pay attention at the beginning of the build where you can see notices about your POM configuration.
  • Parallel builds. Use several threads to build multiproject POMs, analyzing the dependencies between modules to determine the ordering.
  • Stability and predictability, changes in classloading, dependency ordering and multiproject building make the build to behave more consistently.

Changes include:

  • No more site plugin as you know it. Configure the new Maven Site plugin, or better, install Sonar (highly recommended).
  • profiles.xml is no longer used
  • Maven 1 repository layouts are no longer supported

Read all the release notes and compatibility notes.


  1. Download Maven 3.
  2. Check compatibility notes.
  3. Upgrade the plugins to compatible versions if needed.
  4. Configure the new Maven Site plugin, or move to Sonar.

See other notes on Maven 3 from Brett Porter, and if you are going to ApacheCON, he will be giving a training session covering Maven 3.0 too.

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