Does Sun test its webapps?

I was taking a look to the JUG section of and went to the search form . I just clicked the Search button without entering form data and voil! I got an exception, not only telling the system was not througly tested but also that the underlying database is Oracle (see the “ORA” code)
java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00936: missing expression

This made me recall a conference about search engines where I was told that the most searched word was… the empty string! So don’t underestimate user dumbness 😉

One thought on “Does Sun test its webapps?

  1. It used to be that if you denied cookies from, the home page would display a nice NPE stack trace. It was then changed to show just “0” (their quotes).

    A certain company’s product had a tendency to display links to .bash_history files if the search string was empty. I prefer the exception.

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