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If you are reading this, you DON’T need to change anything. You are already using my feedburner RSS that is automatically updated to the new location. Just update any web links to the new location at

This is my new home, moved from my JRoller weblog to a hosted blog, at and the RSS is still at Feedburner’

I decided to move because JRoller doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore, and WordPress has a lot more features. For reference I just followed the migration instructions by theholyjava. Had to fix some code/pre tags and change SlideShare embedded presentations. Then I bought the subdomain mapping for $12/year to have it under a my personal domain.

Happy reading!

Entrevistado por

Pedro Jareo de me ha hecho una entrevista en su parada en Los Angeles durante su vuelta al mundo, por si quieres saber alguna cosa ms sobre mi 😉

minube es una web de viajes "social" con una comunidad de usuarios, muy a la web 2.0. Pedro est dando una vuelta al mundo y blogueando desde los lugares que visita para promocionar la pgina.


 The second week in Cebu started by going to Bohol (nice lunch in a boat through the tropical forest) and Panglao (amazing beaches and corals) on Sunday, pictures to be published after I settle at home 😦

Yesterday I arrived in Manila, just in time for some drinks at Martinis, the Mandarin hotel bar in Makati, very nice, with live music and a Spanish manager, Javier (I’m getting good at recognizing English accents!).

Today, hard work in the office and preparing for dinner later, and tomorrow destination Beijing! after 7 hours waiting at the Shanghai airport, let’s see if I can get to see something, or most probably just get some work done.

More news to come, although probably later when I get to Spain and have time to relax…

First week in Cebu

What can I say?

Great people, after all these days I realized that in the team we
agree more than I thought. It was a great opportunity to meet
everybody and see the many things we have in common, besides video
games and Harry Potter 😉 And yes, twitter can be useful, it’s great to say in what bar you are.

Great food, and in big quantities, including some Spanish food
yesterday in the restaurant Hola Espaa, with a nice end
drinking Orujo

Lots of fun, helped by the ingestion of alcohol (as San Miguel
beer) and promoted by the Exist
people, always so nice. Today they took us for a touristic tour around the city, pretty much what I did last year so I was guiding ;), taoist temple, basilica del Santo Nio, Magellan cross and Lapu-Lapu/Magellan monument.

My Tagalog is improving and it’s always funny
to see their faces when I answer or show them that I understood what
they said, although not always true 😉 At breakfast the waitresses
keep greeting me with morning gwapo and bye guapo, so I
can’t complain

the pictures
and these two hilarious videos

First day in Cebu

After around 20 hours of travel we finally arrived at Cebu. I
managed to sleep in the plane so everything looked fine, at least for
the moment. For lunch we tasted the local food, including squid,
paella and callos, which makes you feel like home (almost). We spent
the afternoon with introductions and presentations at the Exist
office, very nice, a big open space. For dinner we ended in the
Mariott bar by the swimming pool, with live music were I ended
singing the macarena (yes I lost a bet) after a good number of San
Miguel beers. We called the night pretty late, considering the
jetlag. Let’s see today, I only managed to sleep less than 6 hours
and it’s pouring outside.

Around the world in 50 days

Big travel plans for the next weeks

  • Cebu, Philippines for couple of weeks, this is going to be
    the first time all the development team will meet together, very
    important in a distributed company like us, many people will see each other for first time.

  • Shanghai/Beijing for a week, because everybody deserves some
    vacation right? Perfect timing to visit China for first time. Any of
    the blog readers there?

  • Spain (Madrid, Coruña,…) back home for some weeks,
    family, friends, beach, party…

  • Los Angeles back to where I start completing my first tour
    around the world

Tired of spam, moving out of jroller

I finally got tired of the spam in jroller that prevents me from
reading the real user comments between an ocean of spam messages. Not
sure if it’s the Roller blogger software fault or that doesn’t upgrade
it, but how hard is to have Captcha instead of this math questions
that have been clearly defeated by the spammers?

For now make sure you bookmark my new domain
and the feedburner RSS feed in
that will always point to the right places in case (most likely) I switch.

General Public License Version 3: A Legal View

The GPLv3
and LGPLv3
have been finally published and anybody working on open source should
be familiar with them.

Mark Radcliffe has made a
very good comparison of the version 2 and 3 of the GPL
. One thing
he doesn’t mention though is the or any later version clause,
which means that you could already redistribute a good amount of GPL2
software under the GPL3 license if the authors included the default
boilerplate text in the file headers that says either version 2 of
the License, or (at your option) any later version

Each version [of the GPL license] is given a distinguishing version number. If the Program specifies a version number of this License which applies to it and "any later version", you have the option of following the terms and conditions either of that version or of any later version published by the Free Software Foundation. If the Program does not specify a version number of this License, you may choose any version ever published by the Free Software Foundation.

For instance the Linux Kernel (by omission) or the JDK
(explicitly) are licensed only with GPL2.

Español o inglés II

He echado un vistazo a las estadísticas de mi anterior pregunta (En qué idioma prefieres leer este blog?) y ha salido así

  • español 33%
  • inglés 35%
  • me da igual 31%

Gracias a todos los que habeis votado, voy a seguir escribiendo mayormente en inglés pero a ver si de vez en cuando pongo algo interesante sobre lo que se cuece en España en español o algo así. Y de paso a ver si escribo más porque un mes si hacerlo es muy triste…

Español o inglés

Mucha gente me pregunta, por qué escribes tu blog en inglés?

Escribo cosas bastante técnicas, así que supongo que todos los interesados en ellas serán capaces de leer inglés. Como la mayor parte del público al que está destinado habla inglés pues me veo obligado a escribir en inglés, y apenas tengo tiempo de escribir en inglés así que escribir en inglés Y español se hace imposible.

Ya intenté contar mis experiencias en español, pero entre que no tenía tiempo, que no parecían tener mucho interés y que cuanto más tiempo pasa menos raras te parecen muchas cosas, pues lo he ido dejando.

Después de esta explicación técnica, tengo curiosidad por saber las preferencias de los lectores hispanos, así que he creado una encuesta, a ver qué sale

Create polls and vote for free.