Struts Or JSF? Struts And JSF?

Craig McClanahan, the original creator of the Struts Framework and the co-specification lead for JavaServer Faces 1.0 (JSF) has wrotten a very interesting entry in his weblog about Struts and JSF integration, with some comments about Spring and JSF.

Definitively JSF is on the top of my list of TODO tasks.

4 thoughts on “Struts Or JSF? Struts And JSF?

  1. I have some thoughts on this topic (linked).

    Regarding the last comment,
    At this point in time, I reserve the right to change my mind, I would only use JSF and Struts if I was adding JSF to an existing Struts project.

    I don’t feel the jsf-struts-integration lib provides enough value to tie your JSF code based to Struts. I need to reevaluate the integration lib.

    I use JSF and Spring together, but the spring integration with JSF was not done yet. I will try it again on my next project.

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