Using Java 1.5 in real world app

It’s almost sure that the current app we’re developing right
now will use Java 5. That’s the first option and will be used
unless some problem arises. So it was time to remember the Taming the Tiger presentation from Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter in JavaHispano II. The slides are available from the Denver Java Users Group Archives, and it’s a pity that the link to the video of the session seems broken.

As Joshua and Neal advised the only trouble porting pre 1.5 code to 1.5 is that enum can’t
be used as variable name because it’s a reserved word. And of course
the old code does, so it’s time to refactor that variable names. Seems
that appart from that there won’t be any problem.

BTW I’ve also enjoyed the Still More Java Puzzlers slides.

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