Now in Los Angeles

I got a gig in Los Angeles thanks to Rick Hightower,
so I’m staying in Santa Monica for the next 6 months aprox. It’s a
pretty cool place to live and the job is great, working with latest
technology: JSF, Hibernate, Spring, …
So if you live near or have any suggestions about what to see and what to do, please let me know.
I’m starting a weblog in spanish
for my friends and other people who wants to  read it about the
differencies between Spain and USA, it’ll be kind of funny.

4 thoughts on “Now in Los Angeles

  1. Hi Carlos:

    I started a new gig at a company here in L.A. and they’re interested in potentially switching over to Maven instead of their current ant based build process. So, I told them that I know this hot-shot Maven guy who’s a contributor to the project and who ‘might’ be coaxed into coming by and doing a demonstration/presentation (given there’s free pizza). Is this something you’d be willing to do? Please let me know…


    Michael Mehrle

    P.S.: I keep forgetting your email at home – you know how that goes..

  2. We give each other a hard time. Carlos and I don’t argue when Scott is around. Carlos is too busy arguing with Scott (and vice versa). It is fun to watch.

    All joking aside, we all get along well. I think there is a lot of mutual respect.

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