The risks of funny t-shirts

Here in the company I’m currently working as contractor we usually
play soccer once a week. This week I took my t-shirt with the
inscription “Spanish SEX instructor. First lesson free” (sex in very
big letters). So I put it on in the restrooms of the company,
out of the office, and called the elevator. The surprise was when going
out of the elevator was the CEO of the company, but luckily with my
fast reflexes I turned and was able to hide the message. uffff.

That remembers me other great conversations performed by me or coworkers like:

After the buying of the company I was working for:

  • what do you guys do?
  • we’re contractors, and you, are you in sales team?
  • no, I’m the CEO of xxx (the company that just bought ours)

In the elevator

  • what do you guys do?
  • we are in the xxx project
  • cool, how is it going?
  • it’s going ok (here I paid the price of my not so good english)
  • only ok! here in this company we expect the best!!
  • and what do you do? are you in marketing team?
  • no, I’m the CEO

5 thoughts on “The risks of funny t-shirts

  1. You are acting like the CEO is someone who is touched by god and is given power to condemn someone to hell at a flick of his wrist. Work time is over, don’t worry about it. 🙂

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