Beware of unofficial Maven repositories

I have seen some projects that use their own Maven repository where they copy stuff from iBiblio and change it based in their needs, like changing pom dependencies. You should know that this is a really bad practice, let’s see

  • if you happen to get that pom from ibiblio first for any of your other projects, Maven won’t get the one from that custom repo, as it’s already cached, and there’s no reason to redownload again
  • if you happen to run first against that custom repo, that custom pom will get downloaded to your cache, thus preventing all the other projects to use the right pom from iBiblio

To sum up, if you need to use your own repo you have to create your own groupId (com.acme) and deploy there all your stuff as other people’s stuff that you customize

One thought on “Beware of unofficial Maven repositories

  1. IMO, it’s a good practice if you want Maven 2 to be usable. 😉 Maybe if dependencies were fixed more often and releases published quicker, folks wouldn’t be tempted to do this.

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