Better Builds With Maven – Free book about Maven 2

It finally went out! As I mentioned some weeks ago, there is a book about Maven 2 made by core developers, John Casey, Vincent Massol, Brett Porter, Jason Van Zyl, and myself. I think this is what the Maven community was waiting for, and I’d like to thank Mergere for the opportunity of working on it and the guts to make it available for FREE, like in free beer ;).

You can download Better Builds With Maven, and the chapters code (link is at top left corner).

Better Builds With Maven

I’d prefer a cover like this, but it didn’t pass the vote, nobody understands my sense of humor 😉

Leaning Tower of Pisa

6 thoughts on “Better Builds With Maven – Free book about Maven 2

  1. BTW, those download urls that sent over email are reall suck. Encoding mime type is either not specified or set to some crap, neither file name is substituted correctly. Besides, downloads are locked to single download attempt. What kind of paranoia it is?

  2. I’d love to download that book, but every time i try to register it says i have an invalid email address. Funny, it seems to have worked for the last 14 years 🙂

    Something up?

  3. Yeah – if you can get the form to even accept a valid email address, when you eventually get the email, the links don’t work properly (if your spam filter doesn’t bin it).

    Seriously, this doesn’t bode well – I’m sure the book is great, but these are schoolboy mistakes!

    If anybody is having trouble, I recommend you use a dodgeit account – that worked for me, but you still need to do some cutty-pastey action on the spasticated URL it sends you.

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