Spring and Maven relationship

Many of the Maven and Spring users out there have complained for looooong time about not having the latest Spring releases in the Maven repository at iBiblio, something that I personally solved every time there was a new release of Spring copying the jars in the repo, ensuring also that they are the official releases as it’s something used for a lot of people.

Then with Maven 2 the problem started to be the poms not being there, so as I like Spring I came with a parallel Maven 2 build that could be added to Spring CVS so we could build it with Maven 2 and thus having the right poms for Spring users. You can find this conversion in the Better Builds with Maven book, Ant to Maven migration chapter. The problem is that as new features are added into Spring, dependencies are updated,… things get out of sync pretty fast. So I kindly requested the Spring guys to add the poms to their CVS (as both Ant and Maven build can coexist) and let the community help improve them. The jira issue is SPR-1484, you can find there the latest poms i’ve been working with, and at spring/lib/readme.txt you can get the versions of dependencies used (although docs are not always up to date). If you want Spring to support the Maven 2 poms and make sure they are always up to date in sync with the releases you can vote for the issue SPR-1484.

Remember that we have now more than 11000 jars in the repo + more than 1500 project sources + more than 700 javadocs! keep doing this great job submitting them!

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