Acegi Security 1.0.1 released

As Ben Alex is travelling around Europe (lucky you!) I had the task of releasing the bug fix release 1.0.1, as many people were waiting for SEC-281, due to Acegi 1.0.0 requiring Spring 2.x and breaking under 1.2.x.

One of the differencies with previous releases is that this one does not provide signed jars, instead PGP signatures have been provided.

Check the detailed changelog. This release is a drop in replacement, so no upgrade steps are required.

It won’t be available through the normal Sourceforge download page (for now), the preferred method is through the Maven repository which contains the jars, javadocs and sources, with corresponding signatures.

The Acegi repository is mirrored to the central ibiblio repository, so you don’t need any extra configuration in your project.

You can still get the binary zip distribution and sources.

The Acegi web site provides additional information on Acegi Security’s features and access to online documentation.

And now back to the World Cup and the Formula 1 race 😉

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