Maven at The Spring Experience

I wasn’t at The
Spring Experience
, but reading other people’s weblogs I decided
to put here some extracts from the conference about Maven.

Here are some quotes:

Ben just did a survey of the room asking who’s using Ant vs. Maven.
Surprisingly, Ant only slightly beats Maven.

Matt Raible in [TSE]
Hop into Real Object Oriented (ROO) with Ben Alex

Jetty is your friend! It allows you to rapidly deploy, it’s
resilient to hot deploy, starts everything in about 2 seconds and
integrates with everything.
Maven is your other friend. It allows you to kick-start a web project
very easily. It also has Jetty integration that allows you to hot
deploy. The Jetty plugin also detects changes and redeploys
automatically. It even creates project files for IDEA and Eclipse.
Now Rob is doing a Maven QuickStart demo. He’s using the
maven-archetype-webapp to create a web application with Maven. He then
added the Jetty Plugin and showed how it’s easy to get started. For
those of you that aren’t aware, there’s also a Tomcat Maven Plugin
that allows you to use Tomcat instead of Jetty. There’s also a debate
ensuing on whether Cargo should have this functionality or whether
these plugins are better. I’m currently leaning towards the plugins
since their easier to setup and configure (and they work too!).

To debug from your IDE is generally pretty easy. If you setup your
IDE to debug a “Remote Application”, it’ll tell you the
parameters you need to start that application with. For example, to
debug the Maven
Jetty Plugin in IDEA, create a new Remote Application in IDEA (Run ->
Edit Configurations -> Add -> Remote) and then copy the command
line arguments (listed below as well) into your MAVEN_OPTS
environment variable.

-Xdebug -Xnoagent -Djava.compiler=NONE -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=5005
After doing this, you should be able to restart Jetty and
set breakpoints in your IDE.

Matt Raible in [TSE]
Rapid Web Application Development with Rob Harrop

I went to Matt’s talk on AppFuse. I agree with him moving to Maven
. Matt also posses a very high EQ. It was good seeing Matt
again. It seems Maven
snuck its way into several talks not just Matt’s


My favorite
comment was from one guy who said he preferred the 50,000 line
AppFuse 1 Ant script to the direction in Appfuse 2 with Maven
with its small XML file. Hey buddy! Have another beer! Perhaps you
should not speak your mind while drinking (or writing blogs on
limited sleep).

Rick Hightower in Random
thoughts about my Spring Experience and Predictions for 2007

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