Maven, Eclipse and OSGi

It has been a long time since last entry, lots of things happened
since, I’ll try to post more often… promise!

What I’m working on right now is OSGi and Maven integration. Goal:
to generate automatically OSGi compliant jars from Maven projects and
vice versa, and make the Maven Repository also a OSGi bundle

You can take a look at the Maven
repository that contains Eclipse OSGi bundles
, with poms
generated from the manifest information and the Felix
Maven bundle plugin
that I’m improving to make everything more
automated and better integrated.

7 thoughts on “Maven, Eclipse and OSGi

  1. With number of Eclipse bundles and its frequent release cycle, the idea if such repository don’t really makes sense, maybe except for the Equinox itself. For the rest of bundles it is more appropriate to use Eclipse install as a repository of special format (it is called Target Platform in Eclipse’s own build).

  2. Actually this is not just Eclipse but any OSGi bundle, and about Eclipse they are also creating a repository of bundles in the Orbit [] project. Conversion between OSGi – Maven in both ways can be setup pretty much automatically

  3. You are aware of the work we do in Apache Felix? We used the bnd maven program to create the headers for the jars in maven.

    I have talked to Jason van Zijl several times to automatically generate the headers but somehow this falls flat every time, maybe should have another talk with him.

    Kind regards,

    Peter Kriens

  4. The only useful part I saw in Felix plugin is thing that generate list of exported packages and dependencies (if it is not already part of maven). Other then that is is basically same as a regular jar plugin.

    But again, none of that would be needed if Maven could get info about dependencies from Eclipse/OSGi manifests and use Eclipse Extansion Locations or Target Platform as a repository.

  5. Peter:
    yes, i’m aware and getting involved in Felix, I’m already nagging you 😉
    I’m committed to get the integration asap

    yes, Felix plugin generates the OSGi manifest, besides that if you want an OSGi bundle per maven project everything else is the same.

  6. Where does this stand now? I’m trying to find up-to-date equinox osgi maven2 projects, but the maven2 repositories seem to be behind equinox releases.

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