Google Summer of Code 2007

This year I volunteered again to be a mentor in Google
Summer of Code
at Apache. It’s 4500$ for students that develop a summer project.

Choose one of the proposals (or propose yourself) from any open
source project, and apply. I’ve added some proposals about Maven I’m
interested in to the Apache
Software Foundation list of projects

2 thoughts on “Google Summer of Code 2007

  1. Mr. Sanchez,
    could you explain the meaning of “improve eclipse compiler integration to use bundle manifests” part of the OSGi project ?

    By compiler integration I understand roughly “catching undeclared Bundle-Import/Bundle-Export clauses at compile time.” e.g. when a bundle uses a class that is on its compile path, but is not specified in a corresponding Bundle-Export manifest clause in the exporting bundle, the error should be detected at compile time.

    How naive is that assumption ? What more is hiding behind the compiler integration task?

    Excuse my ignorance 🙂

    thanks a lot,

  2. AFAIK the eclipse compiler can accept parameters that will define the packages to use in the classpath, so it won’t compile against the complete classpath but only against those packages exported in the OSGi manifest.
    That and also make sure the maven eclipse compiler bridge works properly, I think it needs improvement

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