EclipseCON roadtrip days 3,4,5,6,…

It’s not easy to keep up with blogging, I had to forget about
blogging everyday from EclipseCON, specially when you have to
“socialize”, which basically means drink in the bar and
stay up late, with guys like these: IONA folks Debbie
and STP Oisin
, Xfire Dan
, ObjectWeb Adrian
, moreUnit Vera
, Eclipse on Swing Dieter
, Stephen Walli,
OSGi Peter Kriens, MVNrepository
Fernando Rodriguez, and of course SimulaLabs Philip
and David Schwartz.

After the conference I had the chance to meet another Spaniard in
the Valley, ZoomBlog and eGroups Rogelio
and enjoy a visit to Googleplex
invited by Gregor
(I basically invited myself πŸ˜‰ ), where I also met Dion
and Greg Stein,
both working on Google’s open source group. Pretty cool place, with
volleyball court on beach sand, free lunch and drinks (I guess all
non alcoholic), and all the things you probably heard somewhere else.
Something that is not as well known is that one of the buffet
restaurants where you can eat for free is all Spanish tapas, some
typical like jamon
and cheese, and some more modern cuisine, pretty good
stuff, only missed some wine. But one thing they don’t have is the
view I have from my office πŸ˜€

Marina del Rey sunset

Saturday and Sunday was time to go down to Los Angeles, all the
way through the Pacific Highway 1, stopping in Santa Cruz, Monterrey,
Carmel, Big Sur (great drive, specially if you have a sports car),
visiting Hearst Castle at night (which BTW it’s NOT a Castle, let’s
say mansion), Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, where I met another
Spaniard creator
Eneko Alonso. It was fun
to drive, it’s a beautiful nature area.

3 thoughts on “EclipseCON roadtrip days 3,4,5,6,…

  1. Are you saying you can’t work all day, drink all night, AND find time to blog??? πŸ™‚ Seriously, though, I know how you feel – I still haven’t blogged about EclipseCon! I want to see the Googleplex, I am jealous!

  2. As you can tell from my blog I suck at updating, I’ve yet to blog about my blazing fast visit to the valley =)

    I’m glad you’re mastering you hosting abilities. I’m penny pinching to tour the area again, hope you don’t mind be my Spanish speaking guide πŸ˜‰

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