Being responsible

From Danilo’s blog:

As soon as I put a man in command of the army, they all wanted ME
to be the general. Now it isnt so with Grant. He hasnt told me what
his plans are. I dont know and I dont want to know. I am glad to find
a man who can go ahead without me. He doesnt ask impossibilities of
me, and hes the first general Ive had that didnt.

Abraham Lincoln, upon appointing Grant to overall command of the Union Army

That’s exactly what I look for, the kind of person that has initiative and is responsible, and can handle things by himself.

2 thoughts on “Being responsible

  1. it’s always nice to have people that you can trust will take care of things when you are not there.
    There’s nothing more annoying the “I didn’t do anything beacuse you didn’t tell me to”

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