Exist Global Acquires DevZuz

It’s finally public, Exist Global has acquired DevZuz. Exist is based in the Philippines, and we are very familiar with the great people there, as we have been using their services for the last years.

I’m proud to join Exist in a role that will allow me to get involved in new projects and technologies, helping Exist leverage open source, but still continuing forward with Q4E and involved in the Apache and Eclipse Foundations. No, I’m not moving to Philippines ( yet 😉 ) although I’ll probably spend there even more time.

Read the news at Reuters.

3 thoughts on “Exist Global Acquires DevZuz

  1. Carlos,

    Congratulations on joining Exist. They are indeed great people. Meanwhile, I look forward to watching the development of Q4E.

    Good luck.


  2. Carlos,

    funny, your blog is the only reference to the Reuters news I could find?!

    I don not think that the missing official notice on both parties websites is good marketing/ public relations. Not the right way to attract potential customers.


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