Geotagged live video from cell phone with Ipoki and Qik

What about streaming live video from your cell phone while you track your route (and not just a point) with the phone GPS? Now you can do it with Ipoki, a GPS based social network, and their new integration with Qik, live video streaming service from cell phones.

Ipoki lets you share your current location with
others in real-time. Also, you can see where your friends are and track
them on Google Maps and Google Earth. Ipoki lets you keep track of your
routes and use it to geolocate photos in flickr automatically. Invite
your friends to see where you are and find and follow them across the
world. Feel free to sign up. It’s free.

In this video you can see the Ipoki web page with the moving real time location in a map (meters and seconds precision!) and the live video feed from an user driving around recording the wonderful views of my city 😉

You can also tag online your Flickr pictures using you cell phone location recorded and the picture timestamp, avoiding carrying (and buying!) an extra GPS logger, and without installing extra software. Seems that I just need to upgrade my phone!

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