Rally Teresa Herrera

Pictures from the Rally Teresa Herrera in A Corua. I drove a 1968 Peugeot 404 Coup designed by Pininfarina, 100 horse power, not bad for the 60s.

3 thoughts on “Rally Teresa Herrera

  1. That is a beautiful car you have there!

    I am doing a worldwide Peugeot 404 inventory with the Club 404 in France. To date we have identified 1390 404 Coup and Cabriolet cars, more than 8% of the total production.

    Mine is a white Coup Injection in Canada, number 4598609.

    If you could send me an email with the serial number of your car, that would be appreciated.

    tippett -ATT- shaw.ca

    (of course use an @ instead of -ATT-)

    Thank you.

    Mike Tippett

  2. I had just such a Peugeot here in South Africa, I sold it to a collector in 2001 and I loved it very much.

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