Q4E and Eclipse IAM news and talks

Q4E, the Maven plugin for Eclipse, is in the process of moving to the Eclipse Foundation infrastructure as Eclipse IAM (Eclipse Integration for Apache Maven). We are going through the IP verification process, which is quite strict at Eclipse, so it takes some time to move the bits and pieces over. We are doing it slowly to prevent disruptions while the development still continues and to have a smooth transition. There will be some time while some things are still hosted at the Q4E site and some at IAM.

And in the next weeks the project will be present at two important conferences where Abel Muiño and myself will be talking about the project features, status, future direction,…

ApacheCon US, New Orleans, November 6th
Carlos Sanchez: Q4E and Eclipse IAM, Maven integration for Eclipse
“Q for Eclipse”, now Eclipse IAM (Eclipse Integration for Apache
Maven), is a new Open Source project that integrates Apache Maven and
the Eclipse IDE for faster, more agile, and more productive
development. The plugin allows you to run Maven from the IDE, import
existing Maven projects without intermediate steps, create new projects
using Maven archetypes, synchronize dependency management, search
artifact repositories for dependencies that are automatically
downloaded, view a graph of dependencies and more! Join us to discover
how to take advantage of all these features, as well as how they can
help you to improve your development process.

Eclipse Summit Europe, Ludwigsburg, Germany, November 20th
Abel Mui�o: IAM new & noteworthy
Eclipse IAM (Integration for Apache Maven) is a new eclipse technology
project in the eclipse incubator providing integration of maven in
In this talk we will review what features are already present on
Eclipse IAM, what is on the roadmap and how users and adopters can
configure and extend it.
Abel Muino is the project lead for Eclipse IAM (Integration of Apache
Maven) and principal architect for Berggi Inc.
For the past 5 years, he has worked as java developer and architect in
Data Integration, Security and Services for Mobile Devices.

4 thoughts on “Q4E and Eclipse IAM news and talks

  1. Nice to hear.

    Only thing that prevents me from using it atm is that it isn’t working with the 2.5 web facet which is necessary for JSF projects.

    There is a bugreport about it but I don’t need any fancy wizards because I happily edit my config files manually if this makes it work.

    So, if you find some time, please make it compatible.

  2. Carlos,
    I was very happy when I found your presentation “Maven, Eclipse and OSGi working together”, since you covered the problems of building Eclipse plugins as well as features and update-sites. Still, I haven’t managed to configure my Eclipse plugin projects to run with Maven.
    So, the first question is: is the presentation still valid? Since you work on the IAM, maybe there is some progress on facilitating the build process?
    I would be glad if I could contact you directly, but haven’t found your e-mail so far.

  3. Aleksander, the presentation was valid at that point. There were still several issues building plugins that made it too cumbersome and I haven’t investigated much more since then.

    You can take a look at Q4E, we build a plugin with Maven

    There are poms in other plugins/features/update-sites of Q4E that can give you an idea how things (may) work, but it will require investing time on your side and experiment a lot.

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