ApacheCON US 2009 Oakland

I’ll be next week at ApacheCON in Oakland, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the ASF. Unfortunately I’m not speaking this time, but will be hanging around at the BarCamp Apache (Monday and Tuesday), Hackathon (Monday and Tuesday too), and Maven Meetup (Tuesday night), doing the usual socialization and Face-To-Face meetings. These are all free events that you can attend.

Brett Porter is having a Maven training course on Monday, November 2. You still have time to sign up, and plenty of other Apache folks will be around. Leave a comment or ping me if you want to meet at some point.

BTW there’s an interesting new project proposal in the incubator, the Libcloud project, a client library for interacting with many of the popular cloud server providers. Will try to get more details next week too, but sounds promising.

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