The slides from my From Dev to DevOps talk at FOSDEM 2012 Brussels are up in Slideshare. The material is also in the Lanyrd page.

The conference was huge, I’ve heard that over 4000 people showed up this year, for this free (as in both software and beer) event, organized on several tracks. Not bad considering that the temperature was between -15 and -6C (5 and 23 Fahrenheit) and got a lot of snow.

I spoke on the main auditorium with capacity for 1400 people, there was plenty of space. Unfortunately (for me, but great for the other speakers and the organization) some other devrooms got filled quickly, and couldn’t get into the Configuration and Systems Management Devroom, which should have been really good as nobody left as I was waiting outside between talks 😦

A lot of care by the organization, including a note with a 24/7 phone number in case I got “lost/confused/arrested” (which makes me think it must have happened before), and a full commitment to promote belgian beer 😉

And thanks to the people that attended my talk and engaged through twitter, got great feedback and hints for improvements on the future of development and infrastructure automation!

Grand Place 360 panorama

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