My new job

As many people lately I have started a new job. The enterprise is working hard with CMS systems as Vignette. I’m starting looking for open source alternatives, I’ve heard about exoPlatform, Jetspeed, LifeRay Portal and OpenCMS. A good resorce is OSCOM, although I don’t know why exoPlatform nor Jetspeed are not in the CMS Matrix, I think it’s because they are focused to developers, not end users. The matrix also lacks the language of the projects (PHP, Phyton, Java,…). I prefer Java solutions but maybe I’m biased.

Any comments are appreciated ;).

6 thoughts on “My new job

  1. Congrats.. I saw a couple presentations at OSCOM4, and for straight out of the box solutions it seems like the PHP solutions are better. However, for integration and extensiblity, the Java options still seem better.

  2. Estoy realmente admirado con su trabajo…
    Mi interŽs se basa en el producto ERP, el
    cual me gustar’a adaptarlo en empresas de mi
    pa’s Colombia..
    As’ mismo me gustar’a poder colaborar en conceptos de dicho proyecto.
    Por ejemplo me gustar’a adicionarle el concepto
    de requerimiento interno o requisici—n interna
    que se utiliza en muchas empresas, en cuanto al inventario se refiere.

  3. Congratulations. I would be keen to hear of your experiences wrt Vignette integration with open source technologies such as Spring (particularly MVC/Portlet support), Hibernate etc. We are currently engaging in a customisation of a Vignette 7 (VAP and VCM) for the busiest website in South Africa.

    Would you be interested in sharing each others Vignette/Spring/etc experiences?

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