EclipseCON roadtrip days 1 and 2

Finally I got yesterday to Santa Clara, where EclipseCON is going
on. Saturday I drove all the way up from Los Angeles to Sonoma
Valley, stopping in San Francisco and Sausalito. Sunday I spent the
day in Sonoma Valley and Napa, visiting some wineries and tasting,
with a friend that I brought with me, people look at us and smile,
they even took us pictures, I don’t know why…

Golden GateMumm vineyards

BTW I can’t believe how useful is becoming the GPS I just bought,
a Garmin Nuvi 370,
very portable (important when you have a convertible), with both
Europe and North America maps, MP3 player, bluetooth and all the
stuff. I guess I saved several hours by using it. The only thing I
don’t like is that it doesn’t save where you’ve been, that would be
pretty cool for auto geotag pictures.

Anyway, later on the day I got to the hotel in Santa Clara where I
met some other folks at EclipseCON,
the table was pretty much like United Nations, with people from
several countries and after several drinks the most quoted movie was
of course… Borat! Lots of fun with Adrian
a.k.a. “Urkin, the town rapist” 😉 (Objectweb), Vera
(moreUnit), and many others, including as usual the very
British Philip Dodds, not
this one
, I mean this
other Philip Dodds

Now I’m sitting in the RCP
UI Development in the Eclipse Workbench tutorial
, if you are
around make sure you check the bar at the Hyatt lobby this evening,
we’ll be there. We’ll probably be there since the afternoon, I’m sure
there’s people already there drinking 😉

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