Tired of spam, moving out of jroller

I finally got tired of the spam in jroller that prevents me from
reading the real user comments between an ocean of spam messages. Not
sure if it’s the Roller blogger software fault or JRoller.com that doesn’t upgrade
it, but how hard is to have Captcha instead of this math questions
that have been clearly defeated by the spammers?

For now make sure you bookmark my new domain
and the feedburner RSS feed in
that will always point to the right places in case (most likely) I switch.

One thought on “Tired of spam, moving out of jroller

  1. Sorry to see you go Carlos. I hear that Javalobby is working on upgrading to a more recent version of Roller. Roller 4.0 has Akismet support which is just about 100% effective in stopping spam comments. I’m not sure if Javalobby will pony up for an Akismet license or not, but it will be easy for them to do so. – Dave

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