Around the world in 50 days

Big travel plans for the next weeks

  • Cebu, Philippines for couple of weeks, this is going to be
    the first time all the development team will meet together, very
    important in a distributed company like us, many people will see each other for first time.

  • Shanghai/Beijing for a week, because everybody deserves some
    vacation right? Perfect timing to visit China for first time. Any of
    the blog readers there?

  • Spain (Madrid, Coruña,…) back home for some weeks,
    family, friends, beach, party…

  • Los Angeles back to where I start completing my first tour
    around the world

4 thoughts on “Around the world in 50 days

  1. You should visit the IONAns in Beijing. They’re great people and will show you a good time. Send me an email if you want an introduction.

    If you go to Beijing be sure to go visit The Tree (formerly The Hidden Tree), which is a great belgian beer bar:

    Its in the santilun district, which has thousands of bars. Be careful about which ones you go into though…

  2. ….definitely visit the forbidden city, and the great wall of course.

    thought you were pinoy at first πŸ˜‰

  3. dan: lol, I can ask Debbie too πŸ˜‰ but I don’t think like going to a belgian beer bar in China, I’d rather try local stuff

    asj: hinde jo pinoy, Castile jo (or something like that)

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