First week in Cebu

What can I say?

Great people, after all these days I realized that in the team we
agree more than I thought. It was a great opportunity to meet
everybody and see the many things we have in common, besides video
games and Harry Potter 😉 And yes, twitter can be useful, it’s great to say in what bar you are.

Great food, and in big quantities, including some Spanish food
yesterday in the restaurant Hola Espaa, with a nice end
drinking Orujo

Lots of fun, helped by the ingestion of alcohol (as San Miguel
beer) and promoted by the Exist
people, always so nice. Today they took us for a touristic tour around the city, pretty much what I did last year so I was guiding ;), taoist temple, basilica del Santo Nio, Magellan cross and Lapu-Lapu/Magellan monument.

My Tagalog is improving and it’s always funny
to see their faces when I answer or show them that I understood what
they said, although not always true 😉 At breakfast the waitresses
keep greeting me with morning gwapo and bye guapo, so I
can’t complain

the pictures
and these two hilarious videos

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