First day in Cebu

After around 20 hours of travel we finally arrived at Cebu. I
managed to sleep in the plane so everything looked fine, at least for
the moment. For lunch we tasted the local food, including squid,
paella and callos, which makes you feel like home (almost). We spent
the afternoon with introductions and presentations at the Exist
office, very nice, a big open space. For dinner we ended in the
Mariott bar by the swimming pool, with live music were I ended
singing the macarena (yes I lost a bet) after a good number of San
Miguel beers. We called the night pretty late, considering the
jetlag. Let’s see today, I only managed to sleep less than 6 hours
and it’s pouring outside.

4 thoughts on “First day in Cebu

  1. Hola Carlos,
    He llegado hasta aqui porque coincidi con Ben Alex (de Spring) en una reunion del JUG aqui en Wellington, Nueva Zelanda. La cuestion es que Ben debe pensar que todos los espa–oles estamos conectados por algun tipo de conexion mistica, asi que en cuanto le solte que era espa–ol, me pregunto si eramos amigos. Intrigado, he buscado tu blog, me he suscrito fielmente, y hasta estamos pensando en migrar a Maven…
    Bueno un abrazo y que sepas, que aqui tambien hemos tenido alguna experiencia con las versiones filipinas de los platos espa–oles (caldereta incluida)…

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