Traveling on august 10th

Last thursday I was flying from Spain to the US, during the terrorist alert. I was lucky as I always fly through London Heathrow, but this time I did through Philadelphia. In Madrid just a bit of extra security, at that time the news were only that a plot had been discovered in the UK and most flights to London were cancelled. In Philadelphia they didn’t tell us anything about the restriction on liquids after we checked in the baggage, and as I was carrying some goods I had bought in the dutty free shop I had to go out of the terminal to another one and check it in in my laptop case (as they don’t allow small packages), and take the laptop and all the valuable stuff by hand.

After that we had to wait more than an hour inside the plane waiting for people and cargo from connecting flights, and then more than another hour in line on the runway to take off. The most annoying part was that in that 2.5 hours we were told every 5 minutes “we’re about to leave, just a couple of minutes”, even at the end when we were like 5th to take off, and after 15 min the pilot came back and said “don’t ask me why but we are still 5th” after a bunch of planes took off, lol.

Sun jars available on Maven repo

If you use Maven you probably already know that Sun jars were always a problem because their license didn’t allow redistribution. Now with the effort from the Glassfish project Sun is releasing a lot of components under the open source CDDL license. It allows the redistribution so we have started syncing the Maven repository at managed by the Sun guys, for now only the com.sun.* and javax.* groups and only the official releases.