Q4E has WTP support, from today!

Abel has been rushing to get WTP support working just in time for my talk at EclipseCON. Nice job!

Check the screencast. You will need the development verson of Q4E 0.6.0 until it is released (using the update site at http://q4e.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/updatesite-dev/)

The talk went well, not much to do it 10 min though. Will be posting the slides soon.

Letters from EclipseCON

Yesterday’s Maven, Eclipse and OSGi working together tutorial went fairly well, I thought I would have plenty of time but had to rush through the end. The room (small one) was packed, with aournd 50 people, and the feedback collected by the Eclipse Foundation was 17 positive, 0 negative, so not bad, considering that the tutorial was pretty hardcore stuff and some people were definitely not expecting it (next time I need to make that more clear). I’ll post the material online soon.

Tomorrow I’ll be giving a short talk about Q4E, more user oriented, at 16:50, room 209/210.

Monday ended with the usual suspects (and recently joined ones) like Lynn Gayowski (Eclipse Foundation) and Adrian Mos (Inria), having some beers (free of course), and deciding to make a t-shirt for foreigners (US foreigners) with sentences like "Smart people thinks in Celsius" or "Smart people use colored bank notes" 😀

Seems that today is going to end the same way as yesterday, having some beers during the receptions. Come around and say hi 😉

Update: fixed links

Q for Eclipse 0.5.0 released

A new release of Q4E is out, 0.5.0. Thanks to all the people involved for making such a quick turn around and keep a constant release cycle.

Besides many bug fixes and small improvements, the main changes are:

  • Ability to import pom projects
  • Maven execution can now be canceled.
  • New dependency analysis view! It is now possible to
    display the project dependencies and analyze them to assess where the
    actual dependencies and versions come from.
  • Improved handling of resources:
    • If filtering is configured for resources, it is honored.
    • Inclusion/Exclusion patterns for resources are honored. Now
      it is possible to share a folder for java sources and resources.
    • Note that resources are no longer added to the build path as source folders.
  • The dependency graph is no longer a pop up window. It has its own Eclipse view.
  • Allow maven goals to use artifacts in the workspace when launched
    from q4e, even if they are not installed on the repository

An example of the new Dependency analysis view