See you in Munich or Paris

I’ll be in Munich 25-30 september enjoying the Oktoberfest, later in Paris 30 september – 8 october, so if you are around and you are a reader of this blog I’d like to meet you, yes, you 😉 Other stops are London Stansted Airport (something worth to see around in a few hours?) and Salzburg (Austria). Any advice is appreciated :D.

After that I’ll head to Spain (Madrid and Corua) for some weeks.

The black magic inside Maven

It’s always interesting to see what your work looks from the outside, from the view of that people that you don’t know, not biased from your relationship.

I was reading  Sylvain Wallez Spring switching to Maven entry, where he exposes that Maven is too much black magic for him and prefers Ant. I think there’s a common basic mistake in his explanation, and I have already seen it in other places. If you are already an Ant user, of course it will look crystal clear after the years you have spent learning it, your opinion is also biased (not that I’m saying my opinion is not biased, that of course it is).

When talking about Ant you should also think about that first time user, that junior developer that haven’t left the IDE, and tell him that it’s easier to use Ant than Maven.

Spring is moving to Maven 2

That’s right, read Ben Hale blog entry. Now you don’t have any excuse not to use Maven 😉

For those of you who have been in despair over the last couple of
months about Spring 2.0 and Maven, you won’t be for much longer. The
Spring community has decided to incrementally convert all of the Spring
projects over to Maven. As you may know Acegi has already been using Maven for a very long time. Recently the Spring-WS project converted as well. I’ve personally prototyped Spring Web Flow’s conversion, and there is general agreement that Spring will move over as well.

In an unrelated note, if you want to have real fun, watch JavaPolis commercial.