Kepler at the Eclipse Summit Europe 2007

After a week in Cebu and Manila preparing the launch of a new project (more details to come…) and having more fun than ever thanks to the team there and the Exist people, a 24 trip to Frankfurt via Kuala-Lumpur, and driving as-fast-as-you-can in the Autobahn, I’m finally at the Eclipse Summit Europe 2007 in Ludwisburg with Brett Porter. BTW I added to the right a Dopplr banner so you can see my future trips in case we coincide, for instance I surprisingly met Ben Alex from Acegi security (Spring-security) in Manila who I knew for 3+ years by collaborating in Acegi but never met in person, even when he traveled to Spain or the USA.

Back to Eclipse Summit, this morning was dedicated to Equinox provisioning and afternoon to Server Side Equinox, learning what’s going on in the other projects and talking about Kepler. For those interested I have posted in the Kepler wiki as example on how Kepler and P2 metadata of an Eclipse plugin look like

There are some things in the P2 Instalable Unit model that are not yet in Kepler but could easily be implemented by adding a new facet (extension points)

Q for Eclipse 0.2.2

There’s a new release of the Eclipse plugin for Maven Q4E, with some bugfixes and minor improvements. One of the main problems we are trying to solve is the performance and memory consumption.

The Q4E team is proud to announce the release of version 0.2.2

Changes in this version includes :

  • Ability to attach sources to classpath if Download Sources preferences is turned on.
  • Fixed Issue 74 – q4e doesn’t release handle on pom.xml when deleting project
  • Fixed Issue 75 – Add a refresh cache action to cleanup cache and free up memory
  • Fixed Issue 80 – URL pattern matching for "archetype list source URL" is too rigid
  • Fixed Issue 81 – is claimed to be an invalid remote repository URL
  • Fixed Issue 85 – NLS missing message: MavenEventView_FilterDialog_eventTypes
  • Some stability fix

Update from the update site or read the installation instructions.