JavaOne starts next Monday

If nothing goes wrong I’ll be next week in San Francisco "attending" JavaOne. "Attending" means I’ll just go to the RedMonk Unconference on Monday CommunityOne and networking at the evening parties (as usual)

I’ll drive from LA to SF on Friday or Saturday and back the next weekend, hopefully doing some sightseeing, anyone around for a drink during the weekend ?

Q for Eclipse 0.6.0 released

A new release of Q4E is out, 0.6.0, with WTP support and the ability to do a exclude all/force version from the dependency analysis UI. I particularly like the exclude all because if you had to do it by hand you would go to each dependency and add the exclusions. This way you select the dependency you don’t want and Q4E will add all necessary exclusions for you.

At last, the long awaited WTP support
is present on a public release. Enhanced support for resource
processing and fine-grained control of the incremental builds is also
supported, along with dependency management features available right
from your favorite dependency analysis view.

What’s new

  • Welcome Mike Poindexter as a new q4e committer.
  • Web Tools Platform (WTP) support, see the demo video
  • Ability to choose which goals get executed during the incremental build.
  • Profile view displays the available and enabled profiles.
  • Files generated by maven are marked derived in eclipse.
  • Dependency management functions (Force Version and Exclude All) available from the dependency analysis view.

Installation instructions.